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Hello St. Anthony families!!  The staff and I are excited and incredibly blessed to get to work at St. Anthony, and to have the opportunity to share and teach about our faith within all of the curricular areas. We greatly appreciate the support from our SAS families to our school programs and teachers. We also value the partnership in the education of your children. Parents are the primary educators who provide guidance and examples of being faithful Christians. At SAS we want to know and build on the individuality of each child and help them to grow in their knowledge and in their faith so they can become responsible, respectful and independent members of the community and Church. Thank you for choosing St. Anthony School! 

Many blessings, Ms. Jennifer Raes


St. Anthony offers so much more than a common core aligned curriculum. Check out these five reasons to explore
St. Anthony for your child:

FAITH: Christ is the "principal" of St. Anthony. Learning the Catholic faith and respecting one other is reinforced every day.
COMMUNITY: Our dedicated teachers give each child individualized attention and welcome each family into a warm,
supportive community. This sense of belonging helps students feel more secure when circumstances are beyond their control, allowing them to focus on their education.
PERSONALIZED INSTRUCTION: Whether it’s in person or from a distance, our schools provide a caring, creative and quality learning environment personalized for each student. We challenge students to aim higher academically, spiritually and personally.
VALUES: We teach love, care and concern for others as a part of our curriculum. Students in all grades have the opportunity to participate in community service and mission projects. Values of respect, discipline, diligence and compassion are instilled
in all students.
ACCESSIBLE: We offer tuition assistance to help families afford tuition, including a Welcome Tuition Grant for public-school transfer students.

To Request a Tour of the School and/or Meet with the Principal, please call or email:
Jennifer Raes - Principal 

Darcy Swesey - School Secretary

 Dowling Tuition Assistance Information

Families, if you have a student that will be at student at Dowling Catholic next school year,
Please Click Here to learn about the tuition assistance application. 

Familias, si tiene un estudiante que asistirá a Dowling Catholic el próximo año escolar,

haga clic en este enlace sobre la solicitud de asistencia de matrícula. 

Familias, si ustedes tienen un estudiante que será un estudiante en Dowling el otro año escolar, por favor, pinche el enlace sobre la aplicación para ayuda financiera.

haga clic aqui 

Have you downloaded the Box Tops App on your phones? When you scan your grocery receipt with your phone’s camera you can earn cash for our school! It’s convenient and super easy to use. Here is how to set it up:
Download the App
Login with email and create an account
Find St. Anthony’s School using zip code 50315
Scan your receipt. That’s it!


New Catholic Tuition Organization Guidelines!!

CTO, the Catholic Tuition Organization, has new income guidelines this year. It’s wonderful because even more families will be able to get financial assistance with tuition! Stop in the school office for the forms to apply. See additional information below:



School Supply shopping lists for 2022-2023

Click HERE for Detailed Lists

Note: Preschool and PreKindergarten do not have school supply lists. The teachers will be in touch if there are things parents/guardians needs to purchase.

General Announcements/anuncios generales

Sorry for the Delay!!! We had a little trouble getting the December meal calendars out to the website - but that is resolved - CLICK HERE to view the December menus.

¡Te alabo porque soy una creación admirable! ¡Tus obras son maravillosas, y esto lo sé muy bien!

– Salmos 139:14

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

– Psalm 139:14

Living Adventclick HERE
Viviendo el Adviento haga cliq aqui
We are in need of items for Kindergarten through 5th grade for the reward cart. We would love donations, of items that are new, that any boys or girls in those grades would like. The kids can purchase items with tickets they have saved for doing good things and displaying great faith and great character. New items or any monetary donations, so we can purchase items for the cart, can be dropped off at the school office anytime.
Estamos necesitados de premios y artículos para nuestra carretilla de premios para los grados Kindergarten a 5th grado. No encantaría  poder contar con donaciones de artículos nuevos, que a los niños o niñas en esos grados les podría gustar. Los alumnos pueden comprar estos artículos con sus boletos que han ido guardando por hacer cosas buenas y mostrando gran fe y valores. Artículos nuevos o donaciones monetarias , para poder comprar artículos para la carretilla, pueden ser entregados en la oficina de la escuela a cualquier hora.
Please see this memo from the Regional Office.   
Ver los
documento adjuntos de la Oficina Regional. 
Dowling Catholic Winter Baseball Clinic Information
Vea el enlace de Dowling Catholic aquí  DCHS Winter Baseball Clinic
Please see this flyer for dress code. Por favor, ver los documentos adjuntos sobre el código de uniforme.  

Dress code - Shorts can be worn until October 31, so students can no longer wear shorts. They may start to wear them again April 1, 2023.       

Código de uniforme- Los pantalones cortos pueden ser usados como uniforme hasta el 31 de octubre, por lo que los estudiantes ya no pueden usar pantalones cortos para ir a la escuela. Podrán volver a usarlos el 1 de abril del 2023.   

Students need to bring a jacket with them. Most days are cold and often windy during the day. They also should keep a hat and gloves in their backpack. There were a lot of very cold kids Thursday.

Los estudiantes deben llevar una chaqueta/chamarra. La mayoría de los días son fríos y a menudo hay viento durante el día. También deben llevar un gorro y guantes en su mochila/bolsón. El jueves hubo muchos niños(as) con mucho frío. 
If you want to buy any St. Anthony wear, click the link below
Si usted quiere comprar vestimenta de St. Anthony, por favor, pinche aquí 

Shop Now         
Link to Order St. Anthony Spirit Wear!
Ropa de Espíritu Escolar
Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, and Middle School band and choir parents, see the attachment about the Christmas concert.
Padres de los alumnos de Kindergarten, 1er, 2ndo y la banda de escuela media y de coro, ver el documento adjunto sobre el concierto de Navidad.


Click here for  21 ways to pray a family rosary
Presione este enlace para conocer las 21 formas de rezar en el rosario de familia. 21 ways to pray a family rosary
Calendar/ Calendario 

Jennifer Raes, Directora de St. Anthony School




Saint Anthony’s School provides a quality education for children in grades from Pre-K through eighth. The school meets or exceeds all state standards and employs only fully accredited teachers. The academic curriculum is infused with religion daily. Students plan and attend Mass on a weekly basis with many other opportunities for spiritual growth and family values. Students have the opportunity to participate in sports programs, local and city academic contests, and service projects. 

Alumni Campaign
SAS Tuition Assistance

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Spanish Immersion

St. Anthony's is one of only 3 Spanish Immersion programs in the state of Iowa.