St. Anthony Board of Education


Role Of The Board Of Education/School Board

The role of the board of education/school board is to give advice, provide consultation, make recommendations and suggestions, give support and encouragement to the pastor/canonical administrator and program administrators, and establish policies with the approval of the pastor/canonical administrator which will enable the stated mission of the programs to be accomplished. A board of education/school board has purview for the education programs provided by the parish, region or diocese.

Among activities undertaken by the board of education/school board to fulfill its role are to:
1. Establish the school mission statement
2. Emphasize the importance of the Catholic Identity/Culture of the school
3. Assess the school needs
4. Implement an on-going planning process
5. Development of policies consistent with Canon Law, Diocesan Catholic Schools Board, civil law, and Iowa Department of Education regulations (schools only)
6. Participate in the selection and evaluation of program administrators
7. Establish program budgets to be presented to any designated review group (e.g. parish finance council)
8. Provide for assessment of programs and policy implementation
9. As a formality, approve the faculty/staff contracts as recommended by the program administrator
10. Support all educational programs

Are You Interested in Becoming a Board Member?

If you have an interest in serving on the Board of Education, please contact Jennifer Raes (Principal) at 515-243-1874