Welcome to the Art Room!


Welcome to Art

Sara Grabau, Art Teacher

Office Phone: 515-243-1874, ext. 207
Email:  sgrabau@stanthonydsm.org

Welcome to the ART room! My name is Mrs. Sara Grabau. I am so exicted to be here to serve you and your students. I have been teaching art for eight years at Saint Francis of Assisi and this year will be my second year at Saint Anthony.  

As an artist and teacher, I feel a important aspect of the art curriculum at Saint Anthony's involes allowing students to have hands-on experiences in every facet of the creative process. My teaching style is to understand my students' unique interests and needs, taking time to know each student as they learn the art process. It is my goal to aid students discover a deeper level of artistic thought, higher level problem soloving skills, and support them as they apply it to thier own artwork.  

Please follow my blog to keep up with what we are doing in the classroom.