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Welcome to 3rd Grade Spanish Immersion

Luisa F. Romero Gross, 3rd Grade Spanish Immersion Teacher

Office Phone: 515-243-1874, ext. 211


My name is Luisa F. Romero Gross; I was born and raised in Colombia (South America). I went to grade school, middle school, and most of high school in a German school in Cali, my hometown. I started learning German in Kindergarten, and by fifth grade English was introduced. I finished my junior year in 2000, and in the summer my family and I moved to Texas to pursue my dad's employment. In Brownsville, I finished high school and started college in the University of Texas at Brownsville. But our destination was somewhere else. In 2003 we moved to this beautiful state of Iowa, again due to my dad's job. I got my B.A. in Early Childhood Education from Iowa State University, and a M.A in Education and Reading Endorsement from Viterbo University.

My career as a teacher began in the Two Way Bilingual Program at Woodbury Elementary in Marshalltown. I taught Kindergarten for four years, and one year in second grade as the Spanish teacher in both grades. In 2012, I moved to Des Moines and am now continuing my career as a bilingual teacher at St. Anthony's.

Based on my personal experience as a student and teacher I know that teaching a second language to young children is the most effective way to become biliterate. I feel honored to work in the only Spanish Immersion Program in the Greater Des Moines area. We are not only teaching a second language, we are teaching about other cultures of the world from a personal perspective.

I am a dedicated teacher who will strive every day to meet your child's needs. Teaching is my passion, I enjoy my job every day!

Please feel free to contact me any time at
or call the school office at (515) 243-1874.

Seno Romero Gross

Math - a lot of new concepts have been taught: fractions (fractions of a dollar, quarters of an inch, comparing and drawing fractions). Your students have fraction manipulatives in the binder they take home, please remind them to use them. New concepts coming: perimeter, area, triangles, and angles. 

Reading and Writing - As a whole group we read anthologies from our textbook and work on different comprehension strategies. 

Daily 4 - 
read to self, read to someone, and work on writing have been reviewed. We continue to practice routines and important tasks to get done during this time.
Religion -  We are learning about The Bible.  

Social Studies / Science  -  in science we are learning about force and simple machines. Matter comes next! 

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