St. Anthony School Points of Pride


16 Columbus Avenue
Des Moines, Iowa 50315

  • St. Anthony School will be celebrating its 102nd year of service to the parish in 2014.
  • St. Anthony School is located just 3 minutes from downtown Des Moines.
  • All the faculty at St. Anthony School are licensed and certified by the State of Iowa
  • St. Anthony School initiated a new Spanish Immersion Program 2010 and added the fourth grade in the fall of 2014.  Students will be fluent in two languages by the fifth grade.  We are only the second school in the state to have such a program and the first outside Dubuque, Iowa.
  • St. Anthony School’s middle school students are taught under block scheduling, giving teachers more time to explore their content area in many ways.
  • St. Anthony School’s middle school students are placed into multi-aged groups (Houses), taking the place of homerooms, so students learn to lead and adjust to daily situations with the help of older students.
  • St. Anthony School is the fifth largest Catholic elementary school in the Des Moines area out of ten.
  • St. Anthony School is second only to Holy Family in the number of elementary students who receive tuition assistance through the Catholic Tuition Organization.  (About 140 students qualified for help or 41% of the student body for the 2013-2014 school year).
  • St. Anthony School’s Iowa Assessment scores are consistently higher than our neighborhood school, the State of Iowa, and the nation.
  • St. Anthony Seventh, and Eighth Grade Girls’ Basketball teams finished first in league play this year. The Boys’ and Girls’Track Teams finished second this Spring 2014.
  • St. Anthony School has a Title I, and TAG program and will continue to have these programs next year.
  • St. Anthony School has a full virtual computer lab of 26 computers and a mobile lab with 30 wireless computers that travels to classrooms.  We also have two mobil Neo2 carts of 25 each.  Each teacher has an IPad and Mimio Board for use in their classroom.
  • St. Anthony School was remodeled the summer of 2009.  The remodeling included:
    • Air conditioning for the entire complex
    • Mimio Board in all classrooms
    • New flooring throughout the building.
    • New updated lighting throughout the building
    • New paint
    • New clock system/bell for all parts of the building
    • New white boards in all rooms
    • Update electric throughout the building to accommodate our new computer use.
    • New lighted statue of St. Anthony is now located in front of the school.
  • St. Anthony School teachers each have a laptop computer for school and home.  All laptops are wireless.
  • St. Anthony School students raise an average of $32,000 each year for parish and other Charitable Organization during the school year.
  • St. Anthony School’s choir will be singing at two Sunday masses each month during the school year.