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Full Language Immersion Program at St. Anthony School
twinFull Spanish Immersion Language Program 
We are honored to be working in partnership with Boston College and the TWIN-CS (Two-Way Immersion Network for Catholic Schools) program.   
Since 2010, St Anthony Catholic School has adopted a “full-language” model, teaching students in both Spanish (90%) and English (10%) beginning with Kindergarten – First Grade and then expanding into the 5th grade.   
This year, St. Anthony School joined a national consortium under the sponsorship of Boston College making it possible for the school to access the resources of the Roche Center for Catholic Education at the Lynch School of Education at Boston College. 
For this summers the leadership and a four of our Spanish Immersion teachers from the school will travel to Boston, Massachusetts for a week of intensive training in dual-language instruction. 
This year 2017-2018 the school has expanded our Immersion Program to include a Spanish Literacy Program for our students in grades 6-8. Our 6-8 graders have also been part of the Faces and Our Cultures Exchange Program with schools in Guatemala which offers our students an opportunity to bring a student from Guatemala to Des Moines and in turn spend 2-4 weeks in Guatemala during the summer.
For more information about the sponsorship consortium through Boston College you can click the link below: 
Link to Roche School:

St. Anthony School Spanish Immersion Classes
Welcome Bishop Pates to their
Our Lady of Guadalupe Skit and Mass on
December 12, 2017

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Young children are uniquely suited to learning a second language. The developing brain is hard-wired to acquire language. Never again will it be this natural or this easy!

Research shows the ideal time to learn a second language is from birth to about age 10 or 12. A child’s brain is still developing language skills at a young age and will literally create “more room” to support the second language as it develops. Learning a second language after this developmental phase is still possible, but new “space” has to be created to house the new skills. Learning a second language early is like realizing you need to add on an addition to your house while still in the building phase, instead of after construction is complete.  Parents are increasingly realizing the benefit their children can reap from the exposure to other languages and cultures.

Combine all of the research and reports and the outcome is similar. Any newly acquired skill, like the mastery of a second language, will bring about a feeling of self-confidence and pride, especially if a child has mastered a skill his parent does not have. This adds to the spirit of independence and even empowerment. Socially, fluency in another language allows children to be more open and understanding to other cultures. And, academically, learning a second language will ensure a competitive edge in the global marketplace of his or her future.

Lifelong Benefits

The gift of language is an investment that lasts a lifetime!  Young learners enrich their lives and open doors to their future by gaining:
  • An expanded world view
  • Greater intercultural appreciation and sensitivity
  • The ability to learn additional languages more easily
  • A competitive edge in future markets and the global marketplace
For more information on this special program and opportunity for your children, please contact the school office at 243-1874