Introduction to PPK - 3 Year Olds

St. Anthony Pre-School offers Catholic Christian loving, safe, family type atmosphere that children sense and respond to.
Our pre-school program focuses on the faith, social, emotional and physical formation of your child. Our classroom is center based where students freely move from areas such as math/science, writing, art, reading, dramatic play, sensory, and blocks. Each day we spend time working in whole group and small group activities focusing on math, literacy, creating, and social skills.
For your child's spirit... Catholic Christian values are offered to all children as part of their learning. Age appropriate religious activities will enrich your child's spirituality…prayers, songs, bible stories, holiday lessons, etc. We begin and end each day with prayer, giving kids the opportunity to share their prayer intentions.
For your child's mind...Our learning environment encourages exploration and discovery through hands-on activities.  Dramatic play, building activities, educational games, math activities, iPad access help your child grow both academically and socially.
For your child's body...The best way for preschoolers to learn is through play and interacting with their peers. We provide a wide variety of activities to suit all children's interests. An emphasis is placed on self-care and learning to care for our bodies and respecting others. A combination of small and large motor activities keep children moving and learning, and helps to keep young minds focused.

Preschool FAQ's...
Q: How many children will be in the class?
A: The maximum class size is 16 students, taught by one certified teacher and one associate.
Q: How old does my child have to be??
A: Children must be 3 years old by September 15th.
Q: What is the class schedule??
A: Classes are Tuesday & Thursday from 8:30am - 11:00am   
Q:  When does school begin for Pre-School?
A:  School starts the day after Labor Day and ends the week before Memorial Day.

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